Video ads: sell faster than your competition

Video ads: sell faster than your competition

According to statistics, 52% of customers who have seen a video featuring a new product become more confident in purchasing that product. The main reason is that, by not being able to touch it in person, that person wants to see how it moves in real time and see how it works.
With this in mind, the easy answer in how to increase your sales is obviously the use of video advertising. And it does not take a professional camera or crew to make video ads anymore.

There are three kinds of video ad rolls which millions of people watch. GVANGA uses at least two of them to help with promotion of your services or products.

What kind of video should I make?

  1. Tell your own story on camera about your personal experiences using the product. The more natural and interesting your story is, the more confidence buyers have in purchasing from you. The video from a smartphone is perfect.
  2. A “how to” video showing your product in action.
  3. A video broadcast in real-time, also known as a livestream, which will allow you to directly interact with your audience.

Of course, as you guessed it, the first two methods are perfect for selling ads and helping you to get more feedback through the site. 
The information gleaned from videos is transmitted faster than print ads or tv ads. These days, photos are trusted less and less because they are easy to change or photoshop.

Here are a few tips to create a marketing video on GVANGA:

Write a script
To make even a basic video, the first thing to do is to write a script. This will help you to be clear in what you are trying to say and what important things you think your buyer will want to know. It should be logical and include all pertinent details.

Do a little market research
Do you want to make a video ad? Go ahead and browse other things already posted in the same section, or even other sections of the website. What do you like about them? What attracted to one ad over another? What issue did those sellers forget to address? 

How to record a video
These days, it is easy to make a video using a webcam and editing it using numerous effects. Of course, high-quality video can also be made from almost any newer camera and that includes smartphones. The most important thing is to choose the correct time to record- lighting is key. Be sure to use a nice light source and pick a background that will highlight your product.

Video length
The ideal length of the video should be from 30 – 60 seconds. Of this, 80% of that time should be reserved for showcasing your product in action or highlighting its main advantages.

Edit the finished video. The more effort you put into the design, the more of an impact it will have on potential clients. Read your script mentioned above and edit it into the appropriate frame. The shorter time- the better.

Remember that your video will be used for a "virtual goods consumption". With this in mind, try to pre-answer as many questions as possible that you feel that your potential buyers might ask you.

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