Payment and Refund Policy

Using services on Gvanga is generally free of charge. However, we may charge fees for special services and ad features.

The Paid Services on Gvanga include: 

  • • The "HOT" ad feature - bumping-up of an ad on the top position in the selected category;
  • • The "VIP" ad feature - colored highlighting of an ad;
  • • The "Sticker" ad feature - attaching a chosen sticker to an ad;
  • • The service of creating an advertising video based on the Gvanga Template;
  • • Special services for professionals;

as well as other services that may be further added to the list of paid services on Gvanga.

Before paying for ad features and special services associated with the ad display you should be familiar with the Terms of Use and Posting Policy on Gvanga. Before paying for video ads, the user must read and accept the terms of User Agreement for this type of service. The provision of paid services is only possible in respect of advertisements and / or content posted in accordance with the Terms, Policies and requirements on Gvanga.

Paid services provided by Gvanga only after user accept the charge for defined and selected service. The charges payable do not include applicable taxes. All applicable taxes on taxable services supplied are payable by the recipient of the services. The amount of payment must strictly correspond to the price of the services ordered according to the tariffs and discounts for each type of service on Gvanga. We do not perform the storage of cash and does not accept payments in respect of services not ordered and paid features not selected.

The recipient of services in invoices is generated on the basis of the contact information entered by the User and displayed in the "My Account" page on Gvanga. Payment processing is not performed on the website. Confidential and registration data required for payment will not be processed and stored on Gvanga. The processing of payments, including credit card number entry, occurs on a page certified by international payment systems, applying international standards of protection of information. Contact Account data for billing are transferred to a secure protocol billing system.

The cancellation of services, changes in conditions, the suspension and changing the period of validity or the transfer of services to another ad or order at the request of the User after the payment has been made is not to be performed.

The period of validity of the service is considered to be of limited duration:

  • • Ads - term selected by the user and in accordance with the tariff on Gvanga, but not exceeding the term of the relevance of the ad specified by the user in the process of adding and / or editing the ad;
  • • Ordering a video ad - the period of performance of the order and the storage of the finished promotional video, set in accordance with the User Agreement;
  • • Special services for professionals - term selected by the user and in accordance with the tariff on Gvanga.

At the end of the period of service on Gvanga, including as a consequence of changes to the user relevance of the term and / or a change of status for the ad, as well as the expiry date for the storage of the ordered video ad, the paid service is considered to be performed by Gvanga in its entirety.

Gvanga informs the User that the period of service may have interruptions in the provision of services related to technological failures with communication channels, as well as with others, and do not depend on the circumstances of the website, and Gvanga is not responsible for the inability of the service during the period of such circumstances.

All payments for services on Gvanga are non-refundable. If a user has a billing dispute with Gvanga, the user can apply for compensation using our feedback form. Such compensation is possible only in the form of offset against other, similar cost, paid services on Gvanga.




If you have further questions or require clarification due to a lack of information regarding legal issues, you can submit a request in writing to the address: Notara 13 ΓEPMAΣOΓEIA​ 4046 Cyprus