How to sell a house remotely via video

How to sell a house remotely via video

Do you have a house you want to sell? But the potential buyer does not live in your city or even country? Selling to someone overseas is not an easy task – but it is an interesting one! You can talk about a property in the abstract, but a video will offer a better and more complete picture, in addition to attracting the attention of buyers. By creating a virtual tour – potential buyers will be able to see your presentation from anywhere around the world!

Some guidelines for creating a video ad to sell your real estate on GVANGA

Remember, in order to sell your house, there should be some pre-work, such as:
• It should be clean and the surrounding grounds she be tidy;
• provide a layout of the property and be sure to label everything correctly;
• use tools to attract the buyers attention, such as colorful photos, maps and video;
• present your property using the best language to help visualize the surrounding environment (This window is situated south by southeast and has the most beautiful sunsets).

Showcase the area
Take a few pictures of the property you want to sell from further away or from a distance. This can set the mood and create a positive atmosphere. You could also feature the terrain or other interesting or unique selling points.
In general, hold the camera at a comfortable distance, so that if offers the buyers something to think about and more importantly, to dream about! Create exciting video tours of your property and everything that surrounds it. Be sure to include the nearby parks where it is possible to go jogging in the morning or the closest school.

How to capture the interior of the house
The camera should be as if a potential buyer was walking through the house for the first time - give a general sweeping impression and don’t focus on the details. Pick two or three main points of interest, which could create a holistic impression of the house. For instance, in your video, you could paint the description of a two-story house with a beautiful staircase and a fireplace in the living room or the wall paintings in a studio, or even large picture windows overlooking the bay. If the pride or most interesting feature of your home is a rare designer item, be sure to also include that and to give it a close up.

Video Tour is the most informative and visually appealing tool that will help you sell your property or house abroad without actually having to get a personal tour. In addition, the video can have an interesting selling point that “hooks” the client, thus offering a potential buyer the incentive to purchase your home. Using the special tools that GVANGA provides, you can create a video ad using a template, allowing everyone across the world to view your home, as well being able to bump it to the top of the listings, thus attracting more potential buyers.

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