7 steps to sell your car faster on GVANGA.COM

7 steps to sell your car faster on GVANGA.COM

1. Think of a great opening line. Experts also recommend listing the year, make and model, as well as the price of the vehicle, which would increase the chances of the ad being discovered.

2. Provide as much information about the car as possible. The general maxim is the more, the better. By providing more information, you will increase the confidence of potential buyers. Be sure to include info on whether it is running or if the car has been in an accident. Selling a car depends on a large part on creating trust, so be prepared to answer questions honestly, which in turn, makes buyers feel more confident. 

3. Add some photos of the car. It is possible to upload 4 images to GVANGA. If you can, you should probably touch them up in a graphics editor. But, best practice suggests that you do not change the car beyond recognition, maybe just a few stylistic changes to highlight a specific feature of the car. If you do not have graphics editing skills, never fear! An easy way to put your car in the best light is to take a picture of the vehicle at different times of the day, and just choose the best looking one. Attractive photos help establish a visual and even an emotional bond with potential buyers. Make sure that you include photographs that feature the exterior and the interior  of the car, as well as the front, side, and rear. Including more pictures than necessary ensures a quicker sale! 

4. Conduct a market study regarding prices for similar models. Find the “high”, “medium” and “low” prices for a similar make and model. Try to come up with the best price point. You can always start by pricing it in the most expensive category and slowly move the price down over time, or you could just start in the middle and never change the price. The lower end of the spectrum is usually for those situations where the sellers want to sell the car quickly.

5. Offer the buyer installments. Buying a car over time means that the person doesn’t have to come up with a lot of money upfront. This type of payment system is win-win for everyone involved since they will be able to either charge more or charge interest, and the customer doesn’t have to put up a large sum right away. Of course, it is important to remember to write a rock solid contract that all parties agree to!

6. Bump your ad to the very top with additional GVANGA functions. The popular sections of the site move quickly and your ad could get lost among the noise. You can regularly refresh it – by adding new information, photos or even changing the price, but it will eventually still lose its placement on the page. So, what is the best way forward? Take advantage of the special features that GVANGA offers and keep it posted in a prominent place at the top, or a select a slightly lesser option for a smaller fee. All options are viable, especially considering the most popular sections of the site that have hundreds of new ads added on a daily basis.

7. Upload a video. Create a virtual test drive with your car – video works better than a photo! Using modern technology, you can create a video of your car in action – even create an adventure with a small script which could sell the vehicle in half the time! If you are short of ideas, think outside the box. For instance, if you have a smaller car, you could make a video showing how it maneuvers in tight spaces. Is your vehicle able to be taken off-road? Show us!

Following a number of these hints or all of them will help you find potential buyers even quicker! Remember! Be honest, have an open line of communication and be sure to answer all questions – even problematic ones. Sell it easier and make a profit with GVANGA!

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