Bulk Import Service for Product Ads on Gvanga: Upload your ads via XML feed

Internet store owners who want to grow the potential size of their buying audience should pay attention: GVANGA provides you with an XML Bulk Import Service which allows to upload and post product ads via XML feed on our portal. After becoming a service user, you will be able to receive customers orders via Gvanga messaging system or directly to your specified contacts. Start selling on Gvanga!
XML posting is available to all product categories on Gvanga. If you are looking to upload other kinds of ads, GVANGA provides XML upload service for real estate ads and passenger car ads. 
Smaller enterprises and those who want to take the XML feed for a test drive can do it by using our free of charge introductory service. The offer allows you to upload 1000 ads for free to sell you goods in any single product category on the GVANGA website.
If you want to upload more ads, the service is available on a fee basis. A monthly rate is calculated based on the number of ads uploaded and the number of product categories where the ads are placed.

How to get started?

  1.  Go to the GVANGA registration page and verify your email address. You can register here.
  2.  Sign in to your Gvanga account and include your contact information and your preferred form of communication in the “Settings” menu section.
  3.  Having logged in, choose the “XML Feeds” section on the “My Account” page. On this page, you will need to:
  • • select the type of activity (Internet Store); 
  • • specify the format of your XML feed (example of a valid XML feed is provided below);
  • • choose an optimal rate plan: note that the monthly payment is variable, depending up on the number of categories and products that you want to upload;
  • • select Categories – try to find the most appropriate categories on Gvanga to publish your product ads. Each rate plan allows a limited number of categories;
  • • create a name for your feed;
  • • submit an active link to your XML file.

           Remember that all of of the ads placed with GVANGA, including those automatically uploaded, must comply with our Posting Policy

  1.  After reviewing your feed and approval by moderators the payment-processing function associated with the chosen rate plan will be available in the “My XML Feeds” section on the “My Account” page.
  2.  Bulk upload of ads from an XML feed related to the free "Trial" plan will be activated after moderation, while paid bulk uploads will be activated after payment is received.

After activation your feed will be uploaded automatically once a day.

Feed Requirements 

Please note that all ads loaded from your XML file must comply with our Posting Policy. Avoid duplicating contact information and links to online resources in your ad text (<description>), and the availability of contact information and watermarks on images in your feed.
Relevance - feed should contain only relevant data on ads.
Editing previously imported ads should be implemented by updating previously existing data. 

XML Feed format​

XML file must contain the root element 'catalog' with the feed creation date:
<catalog generated="YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm+02:00">...</catalog>

Each ad is formed by the element 'offer', for which you need to define a unique ID in the file.

Сategory IDs
Example of a valid XML feed

We also accept files in other formats. You can send us your file and we will consider the possibility of the data import in that format.

We are pleased to offer a service that will help you to promote your products. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the bulk upload XML feed service, please feel free to contact us via the feedback form. 



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