Terms of Use and Posting Policy

Welcome to GVANGA.COM website (hereinafter Gvanga). We are glad to see you visiting our web pages. Please read these Terms of Use and Posting Policy carefully before you start to use our website.

If you do not agree and responsible for complying with these Terms of Use and Posting Policy, please do not use our website and our services.


Using Gvanga
Using Gvanga you agree that you will not:
• violate any laws and our Posting Policy;
• scrape and distribute content from our website without our permission;
• distribute spam to Gvanga users and use our message system for distribution of advertising and promotional messages;
• harvest or collect any information about other users without their consent.

Some services on Gvanga are available only to registered users. The account registration is completed after verifying your email address.
Please, notice that in order to improve our services and to optimize user experience we may use cookies when you visit or use our website. You can disable cookies in your browser or device settings. However, if cookies are disabled, certain site features and services may not be available.
We may collect, log, process, and retain personal information from you, your browser or device when you use our website, including data that you enter in the registration form, your account settings,  the “Messages” page, Feedback form and/or apply with your resume or other web form on our website.

Gvanga does not take any responsibility or liability for ads, user postings and messages, listed information and other offers or materials including files, images, photos and video placed by users and available through the website. Gvanga is not involved in any transaction and contract between buyers and sellers or between users and third parties. And website owner shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with any content submitted and placed by users. All content, services and tools on Gvanga are provided for your convenience only and your use of them is entirely at your own risk.


Posting Policy

Classifieds posted on Gvanga are placed in the public domain. By making a decision to post an ad (including regular and video ads, resume and job postings), you consent to the collection, use, storage, disclosure, retention and processing of your personal data and other information you enter on our website when you register, update your account or place the ad, as well as the transmission of these data for processing to other users and / or third parties, including for advisory, advertising, analytical or statistical purposes and / or to receive information and targeted marketing messages.
By placing an ad (including regular and video ads, resume and job postings), you agree to receive email or phone communications from Gvanga and third parties at the e-mail address and phone number you provide, as well as to display your ad (including contact details, text data, photos and video) on other sites of Gvanga corporate family and / or our partners and counterparties. 

By posting content on Gvanga (including text data, photo and video files) you provide a warranty that you do not, and will not violate or infringe upon the copyright, literary, privacy, trademark, service mark or any other legal rights of any person or entity. When you post or submit any content (including text data, photo and video files) you give Gvanga a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable right and license to use, reproduce, modify, translate, publish, display, distribute or otherwise exercise any and all copyright, literary, privacy, trademark, service mark, design, database or any other rights to that content in any media and on all other sites of Gvanga corporate family and / or our partners and counterparties. This license include the right of Gvanga to use posted or submitted content for promotional, advertising and commercial purposes, that directly or indirectly may influence the income of Gvanga or our partners and counterparties. 
Please be aware that by adding photos to your ad, you agree to watermark them on Gvanga (even if the watermark can ruin your image). We do so for protecting images from unauthorized downloading. 

Prohibited Content
You shall be responsible or liable for any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with any content submitted or posted by you on Gvanga. With this in mind, when using Gvanga, please do not post or submit any prohibited content. The list below details content requirements:

1.    All content added to Gvanga must comply with applicable law, and not violate the rights of other users of the website or third parties.
2.    It is prohibited to place on Gvanga ads promoting illicit goods and services, including, but not limited to: arms and ammunition, poisons, radioactive materials, narcotics and psychotropic drugs, human organs and tissues, and extremist propaganda materials, metaphysical services, non-existent goods and services, products and information that violate the intellectual property and rights of third parties, as well as other goods or services prohibited by current regulations.
3.    We do not allow placing advertisements for erotic materials, pornographic and any adult content.
4.    Unauthorized use of logos and trademarks, well-known brands; as well as audio, video and photo materials that are protected by copyright is prohibited on Gvanga. 
5.    It is forbidden to distribute the non-consensual use of third party personal information, as well as the dissemination of information, defamatory and offensive content.
6.    Do not place content containing a questionable service or doubtful and false information.

Posting Rules
Each ad to be placed on the website will undergo the moderation service. By placing an ad (including regular and video ads, resume and job postings), you accept the moderation process and are responsible for compliance with the detailed above content requirements and following rules:
1.    You have to be at least 18 to post ads on Gvanga.
2.    We do not accept any ads for escorts services and dating.
3.    We do not accept any ads for prescription drugs and related items, services or activities.
4.    Please do not post ads competing with the website.
5.    Each ad must contain the main characteristics of the item or a clear description of the service or offer, as well as the current price. Please place one item, service or offer per ad.
6.    Do not place duplicate ads and the same ad in various regions or in different categories of the website. Make sure you select the right region and choose the most suitable category for your ad.
7.    Please add your contact details only to the right fields. The instruction of links to online resources and other contact information in the ad title, description or photos is not permitted.
8.    Your ads must contain existing offers. Do not forget to edit the information that is outdated and has become irrelevant or delete the ad. 
9.    Please do not use any robot for posting ads on Gvanga without our consent.

It is recommended not to copy the ad text from other sources and not to use multiple repetitions of words and expressions. Try to write the ad in plain language and include only relevant information. Un-original ads may be rejected by the moderation service. An unjustified use of words in capital letters in the title or ad text can also lead to refusal in publication.
Please be informed that Gvanga reserves the right to remove or decline to publish or distribute any advertisement without giving any reason.

We closely monitor the quality of ads on our website and are always open to the requests of our customers. If you have any questions, complaints and suggestions, please contact the website administration.

*Gvanga reserves the right to modify and update these Terms of Use and Posting Policy at any time and without any notice.