Sell faster with Stickers!

Sell faster with Stickers!

A wide and diverse range of products and services are offered every day on classified boards. But superficially many of them are similar or difference is not clear to a visitor. How to make your particular ad stand out against other offers on an ad board? 

High-quality photos and videos would undoubtedly attract viewer’s attention to an ad. It has already become a new normal to promote products by adding visual information that makes the offer intuitively clear and informative to a potential customer. But how does the ad display may affect viewers in a lot more ways and promote your ad? 

Of course it always helpful to put an intriguing headline or offer price discounts. Such methods are effective way to draw the attention of a potential buyer. But that's not all! On GVANGA you can make your ad look special by conveying positive emotions to viewers and creative announcing an action or a substantial discount. How?!

Attach our Sticker to your Ad!
Stickers highlight an ad and make it more appealing. The ad with a Sticker has a greater chance to be working better because:

• It looks brighter,
• Catches the eye, 
• Creates a nice mood, 
• Becomes conspicuous.

There’s a higher chance that ad with a sticker would be more frequently viewed.

Viewers would even click it out of curiosity, to see what’s inside, even if he is looking for another kind of product or service. But attracting the interest of clients is not the ultimate goal. Sale is the target! The original advertising would significantly increase the number of replies and hence add chances to get the sale. Do not skimp on the words, make an interesting description of your product or service and add an informative headline, upload vivid photos and video and thus the potential buyer can believe he needed your product!

Remember that Sticker may also be perceived as an indicator of the ad relevance. People tempt to pay more attention to the actual and relevant information. Grabbing customer’s attention is already half the battle.

You can browse into the catalogue of available Stickers, choose the one you like and attach to any of your ads in the “My Account” page under “Promote My Ad” tab on Gvanga. 

Gvanga Stickers possess a number of advantages:
• They cover a wide range of advertising themes;
• have the optimal size and attractive design;
• can be easily attached, detached and moved from one ad to another during the validity period;
• may be used for the chosen period of time;
Try it for free! One of the Stickers can be attached free within one week trial period.

We try to bring our users the best tools to increase their sales experience and hope that Gvanga Stickers would become a supporter for sales growth.

We believe that creative approach to sales process would bring more pleasure to both sellers and buyers. Gvanga Stickers bring a smile. And it’s so good when at the first contact your potential customer is smiling, right?

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