How It Works

GVANGA.COM is an international classifieds and video ads website which has both private and commercial free listings. If you want to buy an apartment, sell a car, buy or sell equipment or used things, this is the site that you have been looking for. If you want to offer your services, find a job or an employee or maybe a business partner - our advertising platform is the first place to look!
We went beyond the usual classified sites and put a tremendous amount of effort into developing and differentiating our global and interactive services from others. We offer a broad range of tools for those looking to sell something and for those looking to buy something. In addition to the standard features on our site, you can:

  • • Find ads from different cities and countries.
  • • Place an ad which can be seen around the world.
  • • Use the internal messaging system to request missing information, discuss details in further depth, ask for a call back, and even negotiate the best bargain.
  • • Use a form to submit ads that are adapted to different sections. With this, you will quickly and easily be able to create quality job listings, find a job, specify the required sale parameters and purchase or lease real estate. Posting an ad to sell your car is even more convenient - you choose the model, and we publish the specific features.
  • • Update and repost expired ads an unlimited number of times.
  • • Create the right mood with the help of bright stickers.
  • • Place a video ad that will increase the effectiveness of advertising by many times.


Why video ads?
Buyers respond confidently to ads with a video featuring the product. Why?
Firstly, the video indicates that the object for sale exists, and secondly, allows for it to be seen in action. In addition, users of mobile devices always react very positively to videos, and this is a large percentage of our audience.
Techniques that you may find useful 
To attract even more attention to your infomercial there needs to be:
• a presence in the frame, sometimes even a human - it doubles the interest of users;
• presentation of product performance or functionality - action attracts attention;
• provide the most useful information possible that will help your ad stand out from the crowd and show that you are a motivated seller.
What if you took a photo and made a video but you don't know how to make a video ad correctly?
Take advantage of the new service on GVANGA: creating a marketing video from a pre-made template. This service will save you time uploading material, in addition to making the selection of music and visual effects easier.
Advantages of creating a video from a template:
1. You do not have to possess graphic and video editing skills;
2. You get a marketing video, which can be placed on GVANGA and other sites;
3. If you order a video made from a template, you get a discount on VIP and HOT ad features, which allows you to sell even faster;
4. Your ad will receive a more positive response thanks to the professional and, most importantly, informative videos;
5. The price of the service will pleasantly surprise you.
It has been said in the business world that internet companies are replacing traditional media, due to the fact that they are faster and more agile. Why not take advantage of this and buy/sell on the internet?
Advertise on GVANGA and use its full capabilities to present your product or service in the best possible light, which will help you sell more!