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Mini Bluetooth Audio Receiver
0.0002 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
At a Glance...Mini Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Receiver will enable your gadgets with wireless technologyA2DP brings fantastic quality Bluetooth audio streamingEnjoy up to 4 hours of wireless tech with each charge.Quick and easy to use by just connecting to the 3.5mm aux port on your audio devices Mini...
Posted: 26.09.2023, 22:40
Android 5.1 TV Box
0.0019 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
At a Glance...Enjoy smart entertainment on your TV screen with the Android 5.1 TV Box with KodiStream content from your phone or tablet thanks to DLNA, Miracast and Airplay supportGreat connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth + 3 USB ports and HDMI 2.0 outputEfficient storage with H.265 decoding will...
Posted: 26.09.2023, 22:40
0.0038 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
MINIX NEO X7 Mini TV Box is a scaled-down version of the NEO X7, however it has a Quad Core CPU, 2GB RAM, 8GB ROM, Android 4.2 OS, HDMI Output, DLNA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Small But Mighty TV Box Size is not always everything, take for example the NEO X7 Mini, which is a smaller...
Posted: 26.09.2023, 22:40
80 Lumen Mini LED Projector (Black)
0.0024 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
This Mini LED Projector has 3.5 inch LCD screen and 80 Lumen which offers images from 30 to 100 inches at 640x480 resolutions with 1080p video support, as well as HDMI, AV, USB, VGA and TV connections Mini 1080p LED Projector This 1080p portable LED projector can display images from 30 to 100...
Posted: 26.09.2023, 22:40
2 in 1 Bluetooth Audio Receiver + Transmitter
0.0009 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
This Bluetooth Audio stereo receiver and transmitter is the right solution to your worries letting you listen to audio between two originally incompatible devices. This product enables your devices to transfer audio wirelessly such as TV, speakers, portable audio player, mobile phone and computer....
Posted: 26.09.2023, 22:40
T95X TV Box
0.0015 BTC (BTC)
Offering: T95X TV Box
Kiev, Ukraine
Key Features...Enjoy Android 6.0 on your TV with this mini portable TV BoxA wealth of entertainment with Kodi pre installed and Play Store accessAmlogic S905X Quad Core CPU brings a smooth performance every time4K decoding and output support will enrich your experience T95X Mini Android 6.0 TV...
Posted: 26.09.2023, 22:40
7 Inch Car LCD Display
0.0021 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
At a Glance...7 inch TFT LCD Display for cars, vans, trucks and other motor vehicles4 camera inputs that can be view individually or simultaneouslyPAL + NTSC standardsAuto channel select when reverse gear is selected 7 Inch Car LCD Display This fantastic 7 inch car TFT LCD display brings you...
Posted: 26.09.2023, 22:40
IP67 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
0.0006 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
IP67 Silicon Bluetooth Keyboard that supports s full range of devices for great compatibility and portability. Works With Mac, Windows, Android and iOS Systems Flexible Bluetooth silicon keyboard is great for use at home the office or on the go. It’s compatible with Windows and Mac computers...
Posted: 26.09.2023, 22:40
Wireless Mouse with Charging Dock + USB Hub
0.0005 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Wireless Mouse with USB Charging Dock and 4 USB Port HUB. Charge your mouse while adding 4 USB ports to your PC. This wireless optical USB mouse comes with a charging dock which will make sure the mouse is fully charged at all times. On top of the normal left/right mouse buttons and scroll...
Posted: 26.09.2023, 22:40
Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touch Pad
0.0009 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Mini 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard with touchpad, 71 back litkeys and built in flash light. Control your PC, or your laptop from a distance in comfort. Need a small but handy keyboard for your PC? Look no further! This ingenious 2.4GHz wireless keyboard comes with a built in touch pad letting you to...
Posted: 26.09.2023, 22:40
V Phone X3 Smartphone (Black)
0.0061 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Key Features... A reliable IP68 rugged smartphone that can be submersed in water and is totally dust tightBeautiful 5.5 inch HD screen is perfect for viewing all our media content in HDGreat connectivity and network coverage with the support of 4G and two SIM card slotsSOS button, powerful LED...
Posted: 26.09.2023, 22:40
Qi Wireless Smartphone Charger
0.0006 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Key Features... Wirelessly charger for Qi compatible smartphonesMinimalistic compact design makes for a portable charging dockLess wear and tear on your phone as there are no cables to plug in and remove from your phoneAdjustable charger phone stand suitable for a wide range of phones Qi...
Posted: 26.09.2023, 22:40
Pringo Prinhome Printer
0.0063 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Key Features...Makes 4 by 6 inch waterproof, fingerprint proof prints in secondsPrint from Android and iOS Smartphone, Tablets PCs, Mac or Windows computersFast printing allows brings you prints in just 47 secondsPrinhome app allows you to crop, rotate and edit images with boarders and filters ...
Posted: 26.09.2023, 22:40
Bluetooth 4.1 Headset
0.0006 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Key Features...Bluetooth 4.1 earphones to listen music on the goEDR Specifications and noise reduction technology to deliver an audiophile grade music experienceAnswer calls effortlessly without the need to take out your smartphoneA built-in battery provides you with up to 40 hours of music...
Posted: 26.09.2023, 22:40
Selfie Stick For Android + iOS (RoseGold)
0.0007 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Key Features... This extendable selfie stick for Android and iOS makes taking photos really easyComes with a powerful LED lamp for great quality pics in any lighting conditions2-in-1 photo talking: you can use either front or rear cameras for a selfieNo Bluetooth connection or apps to download -...
Posted: 26.09.2023, 22:40
USB SIM + CDMA Card Reader
0.0001 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
SIM Card reader with USB connection and compatible with GSM and CDMA cards. This versatile SIM Card reader allows you to make a back up of your SIM Card date directly to your computer. Use the provided software to copy, read, write or delete the data on your SIM Card. Whether you just want to...
Posted: 26.09.2023, 22:40
Samsung S7 Edge Battery Case
0.0008 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Key Features... 5200mAh polymer lithium battery brings extra life to you Samsung S7 Edge4 LED power indicators give a clear display of the remaining chargeFilp out rear stand supports the phone at a comfortable angle for watching moviesSlim and lightweight it brings a power boost to your phone...
Posted: 26.09.2023, 22:40
Tronsmart Five Port USB Wall Charger
0.0008 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
At a Glance...Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology reduces the charging time by up to 75%Over-current, over-charging and short-circuit protection will ensure you charge safely, without any risk of damaging your devices.VoltIQ Technology identifies and applies the correct power to all your...
Posted: 26.09.2023, 22:40
Selfie Stick For Android + iOS (Gold)
0.0007 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Key Features... This extendable selfie stick for Android and iOS makes taking photos really easyComes with a powerful LED lamp for great quality pics in any lighting conditions2-in-1 photo talking: you can use either front or rear cameras for a selfieNo Bluetooth connection or apps to download —...
Posted: 26.09.2023, 22:40
Hand Held Metal Detector
0.0005 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Swipe the ground and other objects to find hidden precious metals with this super sensitive hand held metal detector. Hold It, Feel It Use this portable metal detector as if you are using it for years. The ergonomic and light weight design will make feel like it's a part of yourself....
Posted: 26.09.2023, 22:40
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