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Mini Security Camera - Pico
0.0007 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Mini Security Camera with 1/3 Inch WDR Sony CCD lens, 650TVL Resolution and On Screen Display (OSD) is easy to install and perfect for home or store security. The Pico mini security camera is a discrete but powerful CCTV camera and offers an extended range of features. The 1/3 Inch Sony CCD...
Posted: 01.05.2024, 22:40
5.8GHz Wireless A/V Transmitter + Receiver
0.0006 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
5.8GHz Wireless A/V Transmitter and Receiver arrives with a Remote Control as well as having a really Low Power Consumption is a new way to share signals from many devices. Share audio and video signals from VCR, DVD, Satellite receivers, set-top box or CCTV camera to any TV or monitor in...
Posted: 01.05.2024, 22:40
CCTV Test Kit
0.0009 BTC (BTC)
Offering: CCTV Test Kit
Kiev, Ukraine
CCTV Test Kit has been designed as a way to instantly check for video performance, plus it has a 2.8 Inch Screen Monitor and also has Photo and Video Recording. CCTV Test Kit Test all your CCTV cameras with this portable 2.8 inch LCD monitor that is specifically designed for testing video...
Posted: 01.05.2024, 22:40
Outdoor Weatherproof CCTV Camera
0.0012 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Outdoor Weatherproof Camera is ideal for keeping a watchful eye no matter the condition as it has three Array LEDs, 1/3 Inch Color CMOS, 1000TVL, IR Cut as well as a 60 Meter Night Vision. CCTV Camera - Outdoor Weatherproof design With three array LEDs, this outdoor CCTV security camera is...
Posted: 01.05.2024, 22:40
Mini Security DVR
0.0004 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Mini Security DVR with MicroSD card recording, video IN and OUT, motion detection and constructed from high quality metal. This mini DVR is the perfect device if you are looking for a inexpensive and fast way to install your security cameras to an easy to use and operate DVR system. Hook up a...
Posted: 01.05.2024, 22:40
8 Inch TFT-LCD Monitor
0.0008 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
8 Inch 1024x768 TFT-LCD Monitor with VGA, BNC and AV input, an adjustable stand and remote control. 8 Inch TFT LCD Screen This 8 Inch TFT LCD screen has a brightness of 400cd/m2 so it offers a clear and smooth viewing experience in 1024x768 resolutions. With a VGA and BNC (Bayonet...
Posted: 01.05.2024, 22:40
Solar Powered Dummy Camera
0.0002 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
This Realistic Solar Powered Dummy Camera with blinking LED will provide you a cheap and effective way to add extra security to your property. The blinking red LED is clearly visible and day and night and is powered by 2 AA batteries. The Solar panel on the Dummy Camera can recharge the...
Posted: 01.05.2024, 22:40
700TVL CCTV Camera
0.0005 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Key Features... 1/3 inch CDD sensor brings 700TVL resolution images for high quality surveillance on a budgetA 3.6mm lens lest the camera cover a 90 degree arc10 IR LEDs bring up to 10 meters od night vision at 0 Lux for 24x7 surveillanceAuto White balance and Back light compensation ensure...
Posted: 28.04.2024, 22:40
Indoor 720p IP Camera
0.0004 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Key Features... 1/3 Inch CMOS HD IP Camera brings crystal clear viewsMobile support for iOS and Android bring remote notifications of any intruders30 Meters night vision and 90 degree angles lens assures great coverage night and dayONVIF 2.0 compatibility makes it easier to add this to your...
Posted: 28.04.2024, 22:40
PAL Mini Security Camera - Dark Wolf
0.0003 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Mini CCTV Security camera with 1/3 Super High Vision CMOS sensor, PAL encoding, 12 IR LEDs for Night vision, an extremely weatherproof durable case and more! Easy to install, the “Dark Wolf” is your ultimate security camera! Looking for a convenient and discreet solution to improve the security...
Posted: 28.04.2024, 22:40
MeLE Cast S3 HDMI Dongle
0.0005 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Key Features...Wireless streaming to your HDMI screen for iOS, MAC, Android and Windows devicesA strong stable signal is provided by the external Wi-Fi antennaSupported 1080P outputs for high resolution viewing in full HDDLNS, Miracast, Airplay steaming all through the EZ Cast app MeLE Cast S3...
Posted: 02.05.2024, 22:40
64GB Micro SD Card + Micro SD to SD Adapter
0.0007 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
64GB Micro SD Card and Micro SD to SD Adapter features a class 10 high speed for reading and writing making it ideal to work with your media devices. Boost the memory of your smartphone, media player or camera with this 64GB micro SD card. Plug this Micro SD card directly into your phone to...
Posted: 02.05.2024, 22:40
Vision 800 3D Video Glasses
0.0037 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
At a Glance...Android powered 3D Video Glasses for immersive entertainment on the goWirelessly surf the web, download films and play games without disturbing those around youBluetooth 4.0 makes it quick and easy to connect a keyboard, mouse or gamepadBuilt in battery brings up to 3 hours of play...
Posted: 02.05.2024, 22:40
Xiaocai X6 Phone (Black)
0.0005 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Xiaocai (pronounced she-oww-tsigh) X6 Phone has been designed with convenient in mind as it has a 5000mAh Battery that can be used as an actual Power Bank to recharge other devices. Small + Simple Phone The Xiaocai X6 is not like other phones. Its thick rubber exterior protects far better...
Posted: 02.05.2024, 22:40
Huadoo HG06 Rugged Smartphone (Green)
0.0049 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Key Features...Rated IP68 waterproof this fully rugged smartphone is extremely durable and can withstand the most demanding of situationsNot only tough from the outside, this rugged phone holds some serious hardwareSignificantly enhance your overall user experience with NFC, OTG, and moreWith two...
Posted: 02.05.2024, 22:40
Huadoo HG06 Rugged Smartphone (Orange)
0.0049 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Key Features...Rated IP68 waterproof this fully rugged smartphone is extremely durable and can withstand the most demanding of situationsNot only tough from the outside, this rugged phone holds some serious hardwareSignificantly enhance your overall user experience with NFC, OTG, and moreWith two...
Posted: 02.05.2024, 22:40
Universal 4-in-1 Cell Phone Lens Kit (Silver)
0.0003 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
At a Glance...The 4-in-1 smartphone lens kit is a comprehensive and versatile tool to enhance your mobile photography.Get just the effect you are looking for by using a macro, fisheye, wide angle or x10 telescopic lens.Use the lenses with any smartphone, Android or iOS, thanks to the universal...
Posted: 02.05.2024, 22:40
Uhappy UW1 Bluetooth Smartwatch (Black)
0.0007 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
At a Glance...Get instant notifications on your wrist from your Android smartphoneStay fit and productive with the built-in Pedometer, Sleep Monitor and Sedentary ReminderMake call right from your wrist and use the watch as a remote camera trigger for a quick selfieConnect your smartwatch quickly...
Posted: 02.05.2024, 22:40
Iradish X3 Smartwatch (Gold)
0.0004 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Key Features...With its stylish design, this smart watch is a true eye catcher that is fit for any occasionKeep track of your health thanks to the pedometer and sleep monitoring featuresMake and receive calls and text messages right from your wristSnap pictures with an integrated mini-camera ...
Posted: 02.05.2024, 22:40
4 Channel Wireless NVR Kit
0.0025 BTC (BTC)
Kiev, Ukraine
Key Features...NVR Kit with 4 HD 720P IP cameras has everything you need to protect your propertyIP66 Wi-Fi cameras allow for a quick and easy setup offering more versatility for your securityRemote access, playback and viewing is all possible on the free APP for Android and iOS devicesIR Cut and...
Posted: 02.05.2024, 22:40
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