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4 Bedroom Home for Sale 3500 sq.ft, 777 Morning Glory Rd, Zip Code 95246

Posted: 19.03.2023, USA, Mountain Ranch (California)
4 Bedroom Home for Sale 3500 sq.ft, 777 Morning Glory Rd, Zip Code 95246
4 Bedroom Home for Sale 3500 sq.ft, 777 Morning Glory Rd, Zip Code 95246
4 Bedroom Home for Sale 3500 sq.ft, 777 Morning Glory Rd, Zip Code 95246
4 Bedroom Home for Sale 3500 sq.ft, 777 Morning Glory Rd, Zip Code 95246
4 Bedroom Home for Sale 3500 sq.ft, 777 Morning Glory Rd, Zip Code 95246
875 000 $ (USD)
  • 875 000 $ (USD)
  • 72 849 086.97 ₹ (INR)
  • 807 340.63 €
  • 50 842 713.79 ₱
  • 12.5290 BTC (BTC)
  • 235.6382 ETH (ETH)
  • 875 000 USDT (USDT)
  • 4 912.1428 SOL (SOL)
  • 15 970 196.29 R
  • 31 871 000.65 ฿ (THB)
  • 687 174.25 £
  • 4 507 825.25 R$
  • 3 213 787.58 د.إ
  • 1 196 067.27 C$
  • 14 571 286.22 $ (MXN)
  • 3 281 718.99 ﷼
  • 1 319 730.11 A$
  • 34 833 665.13 UAH
  • 78 828 815.15 RUB
  • 1 434 276.38 $ (NZD)
  • 51 406 278.09 RD$ (DOP)
  • 9 386 957.17 kr (SEK)
  • 3 350 035 114.93 $ (COP)
  • 6 830 580.43 元
  • 800 267.99 ₣
  • 9 348 016.95 kr (NOK)
  • 3 214 680.02 ₪
  • 387 630 783.80 KZT
  • 778 527 705.45 $ (ARS)
  • 6 210 486.99 圓
  • 786 295 233.18 $ (CLP)
  • 136 930 166.77 円
  • 2 865 127.10 BYR
  • 448 910 576.90 ₡ (CRC)
  • 236 963 708 333.33 Bs (VEF)
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  • Type of Listing: For Sale
  • Property Type: House
  • Contact person: Tom
  • Country: USA
  • City: Mountain Ranch (California)
  • Address: 777 Morning Glory Rd, Zip Code 95246
  • Phone Number: Show Number
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777 Morning Glory Road listing summaryThis two-story country estate is on 60 acres with the nearest neighbor about a mile away. Over the past two years it has undergone a total overhaul. Three sides have new D-log siding, surrounded by a new redwood porch. All the windows are new including some large ones enabling your unrestricted view of the wildlife and sunsets. The fourth ground floor exterior is stone encompassing a 500 sq. ft. kitchen addition loaded with cabinets. Imagine a skylight above a 9 X 4 marble slab island with a 2nd sink and of course that created 26 more linear feet of storage. Half of this addition is a vaulted ceiling breakfast room for your morning coffee as you peruse the rising sun peeking over the hill where your 16 gallon per minute well storage tanks provide about 60 psi to the main house and the 60 X 24 caretakers coach with a 15 X 65 elevated deck. Both structures have new blue metal roofs and new hardwood floors throughout. In the main house the three bedrooms are on the second story where the huge master suite has windows on three sides. Theres a covered cozy porch that faces the setting sun. Theres two closets and a double vanity with a cobalt blue matching toilet. The shower is almost finished. The other bedrooms share the new Jack and Jill bathroom. The remodeled ground floor bathroom with a shower is realy nice. The original kitchen is now a food-prep room with still more cabinets, and next to that is the dining room with views in two directions, one of them being one of two 8 picture west-facing windows that you will certainly love. Theres a propane heater at two ends of the house and another one anticipated in the long hallway separating the west and east bedrooms. There are three propane tanks on the property a thousand gallons for each dwelling and a five-hundred-gallon tank for a generator adjacent to the solar equipment metal housing. The septic tank for the main house was recently replaced, and there is, of course, a septic system for the double wide coach which is ideally situated near the property entrance where the caretaker knows who is coming some distance before they could approach the main house. By the way, you would rarely ever have company that you didnt invite. Just finding this property is remote enough to discourage any stranger, and frankly the neighbors want it that way. My caretaker is very familiar with the dozen or so locals who communicate and share and thats a very good thing. Matt is a jack of all trades and anybody who acquires this special and somewhat complex property would do very well to keep him if possible. The fenced garden is next to his residence and Matthew takes care of it and everything else that needs attention. We have spent years cleaning up the estate and he uses the large Kubota tractor to deal with the landscaping and eliminating the huge piles of foliage on burn days. Of the 60 acres about 20 of it is very useable and thats rare in this part of the world. That accounts for parts of the remaining forty beyond the water tanks, up and over the ridge, that I have only visited once in twenty-five years. Ive been tempted to build a cabin in the woods on that side of the hill just for fun. I dont hunt, but if I did, I could shoot turkeys, deer, and an occasional bear right from the house. About two hundred feet from the house is a gravel-floored four car garage, and just behind that there are two 500-gallon tanks one for gas and the other for diesel, and then beyond that is a very charming chicken-coop, and a bit beyond that is the 550-acre parcel on which, in 25 years, I have seen only one man on the property

Market Type: Resale property
Posting as: Owner


Living Area: 3 500.00 ft²

Property Details

Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 1
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USA, Mountain Ranch (California), 777 Morning Glory Rd, Zip Code 95246
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