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Fuel Injection Pump W Solenoid 186F & yanmar engine replacement parts

Posted: 10.12.2020, China, Putian City (福建省)
Fuel Injection Pump W Solenoid 186F & yanmar engine replacement parts
80 $ (USD)
  • 80 $ (USD)
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Fuel Injection Pump W Solenoid 186F & yanmar engine replacement parts
Compared with gasoline engines, diesel engines are characterized by high thermal efficiency, good economy, low failure and low exhaust pollution. Therefore, most trucks with a loading capacity of 7t or more are equipped with diesel engines. In recent years, with the shortcomings of the diesel engine's own low speed, high quality and high manufacturing and maintenance costs, it has been adopted by some imported cars and medium and light trucks.

       The diesel injector is directly mounted on the cylinder head of the diesel engine. The head of the injector is in contact with the high temperature combustion chamber. The working conditions are very demanding, so it is one of the key components that affect the design specifications and performance of the diesel engine. Injectors are generally divided into open and closed. Most of the diesel engines used in vehicles use closed injectors. There are three common types of fuel injectors: hole injectors, pin injectors and low inertia injectors.

The shaft needle injector shaft needle injector works the same as the hole injector, but the structure is different: a shaft outside the protruding cone extends below the sealing cone at the lower end of the needle valve The needle may be in the shape of an inverted cone or a cylinder so that the orifice is an annular slit. In this way, the spray column will have a hollow cone or column shape when fuel injection. The size of the orifice through the section and the angle of the injection cone depends on the lift and shape of the needle, so the shape of the needle is required to be very precise. The needle-type injector has a large nozzle hole diameter (generally 1-3 mm), low injection pressure (generally 10-14 MPa), strong self-cleaning ability (the nozzle hole is not easy to deposit carbon and block), and the fuel injection characteristics are good ( Satisfied with the beginning of less fuel injection)

1.We provide the product 3 months guarantee from the ship date.
2. We have advanced technoledge and 100% testing before delivery.
3. Quick delivery and competitive price.
4. The larger quantity you order, the better price and faster delivery we can supply.
5. We have a professional team to offer professional service for you.
6. We can offer used and new,oem,good quality made in china parts to you.
7. The parts will give weight,price when quotation.
8. Genuine parts stock pictures will send before order.
9.All parts can check with part number,all parts can order follow part number.
10. Safe packing to protect the goods, such as wooden box, Iron sheet for our parts.
11. Small quantity can accept,Sample order also accept.
12. 24 hours oversea service.

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