Ambrosus Bonus Program

Ambrosus Bonus Program

Are you an agricultural company which offers high quality products?

 Get the block chain certificate from Ambrosus! 

How it Works

1. Advertise your product on Gvanga: place your ad and upload scans of quality certificates (up to 4 images for each type of products).

2. Your ad passes the review on Gvanga and then the certificates are sent to Ambrosus for approval.

3. After approval the link to the ad with the certificate will be added to the block chain Ambrosus and the personalised crypto certificate will be created. At the same time, the quality proof of your product becomes available to your clients by following the unique link with your ad on Gvanga.

4. Each ad with crypto certificate will be automatically assigned a special Amber sticker.


Bonus!   Get Amber tokens for free!

Terms of Action

1. The Ambrosus bonus program offers Amber tokens for each ad placement with crypto certificate over and above the first 4 per participant.

2. Only ads with Ambrosus block chain certificate can participate in the action.  

3. The price you are offering in the ad should be indicated in Amber tokens.

4. Provided all the conditions are met, each prolonged ad starting from the 5th is assigned 1 Amber.

5. The total size of the bonus is capped at 100 US dollar equivalent of Ambers per participant.

6. In order to receive the accumulated balance of Ambers you need a compatible Ethereum wallet. The address of your wallet should be entered into corresponding field, which appears after you become eligible for Amber payout under 'Crypto Bonuses' => 'Ambrosus Bonus Program' menu in 'My Account' page on Gvanga.

7. Ambers can be exchanged for bitcoins, ethers or fiat money at the well-known trading platforms. Moreover, having reached the top accumulated amount (the equivalent of 100 USD), you may opt to exchange your Ambers directly from Ambrosus. In order to request an exchange, please use the feedback form on Gvanga.

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