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Private Investigator (South Africa) and Globaly

Posted: 28.10.2016, South Africa, Nigel (Gauteng)
1 500 $ (USD)
  • 1 500 $ (USD)
  • 1 388.33 €
  • 84 429.73 RUB
  • 40 492.50 UAH
  • 31 148 076.92 BYR
  • 472 491.25 KZT
  • 75 236.90 ₱
  • 19 298.68 R
  • 1.45 ฿
  • 5 624.82 ﷼
  • 5 508.73 د.إ
  • 23 113.48 $ (ARS)
  • 28 024.43 $ (MXN)
  • 992 463.24 $ (CLP)
  • 97 384.56 ₹ (INR)
  • 13 349.76 kr (SEK)
  • 12 796.26 kr (NOK)
  • 5 419.23 ₪
  • 1 200.36 £
  • 1 991.06 C$
  • 166 089.01 円
  • 1 488.90 ₣
  • 1 953.60 A$
  • 2 137.95 $ (NZD)
  • 11 656.88 元
  • 823 018.29 ₡ (CRC)
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  • Ad type: Offered
  • Contact person: Chris Van Staden
  • Country: South Africa
  • City: Nigel (Gauteng)
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About us:
CJDB Private Investigations was established to render investigative services across South Africa to all civilians and business owners. With estimate 17 years’ experience in Policing, Military and security services, we strife in rendering professional, dedicated and confidential services.
What we do:

We offer services all across South Africa with no case too big or too small. We assist all civilian and business owners with cases ranging from family matters, criminal related matters to employee investigations and more. Our Moto “Were every case matters” is an integral part of our vision and mission to complete any case at hand. Services we offer,
(Missing Persons, Cheating Spouse, Corporate investigations, General Criminal investigation, Murder Investigation, General surveillance, Tracking and tracing, High valued cargo escorting, VIP Protection, intimidation, Identity theft, General investigations, and more).
If you suspect your partner is cheating or have any matter you want investigated as soon as possible, you may try to uncover the truth yourself. But oftentimes this is ineffective or could cause your partner or subject at hand to become even more secretive or suspicious even in some cases put yourself at risk. The best effective way to attend to your case is to hire a private detective. Private investigators are professionals that are trained in gathering information and surveillance.

Price list:

Cheating Spouse/Infidelity : R6500
Missing persons : R7000
Corporate (Employee investigation) : R5500
Criminal Investigations : R7000
Murder investigation : R8000
Surveillance : R6500
High valued cargo escorting : R7500
VIP Protection : R7500
Tracking and Tracing : R6500
Identity Theft : R4500
Intimidation/Harassment cases : R4500
General investigations : R5000
Please note:
All rates specified is calculated “per day”. More than 12 hours will be added as a second day. NB A 90% deposit is require as a retainer to be applied against fees for services rendered and expenses. Factors determining this amount include travel involved, hotel costs, estimated investigation hours, and the urgency of the case. NO REFUND. Optional fees may be added depending on travel requirements regarding the investigation, provided the client is notified and accept such extra expenses in writing.

INTERNATIONAL Cases can be assisted with but must be in accordance with the law.
Hourly rate of $60 US per hour. Excluding expenses for international cases (Investigations can be done globally or to assist foreign client’s with investigative matters in South Africa.
We require a retainer deposit against fees for expenses. Minimum deposit required to cover expenditures excluding hourly rate is $6000.00 US. Factors determining the amount include travel, hotel costs, living cost, and the urgency of the case. Please note the deposit excludes the hourly rate. NO REFUND. Optional fees may be added depending on travel requirements regarding the investigation, provided the client is notified and accept such extra expenses in writing.
For any further details kindly contact Chris Van Staden:

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