Offer door to door air & sea service from Guangzhou China to Jakarta, Indonesia

Posted: 13.09.2023, China, Anhou (广东省)
Offer door to door air & sea service from Guangzhou China to Jakarta, Indonesia
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  • City: Anhou (广东省)
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Are you still worried about the high shipping costs caused by the transportation of products purchased from China to Indonesia or the problem of customs clearance in Indonesia? Or because the quantity of products are large, the value is low, and the air shipping cost is high.
Guangzhou JF Express developed a door-to-door service from Guangzhou to Jakarta to meet your needs. Different products have different prices. We can ship all kinds of goods, bags, clothes, mobile phone accessories, machines, small appliances, imitation cards, chemical products, etc. The sea price is cheaper then air price.
The following is our courier and sea price ,Follow our wechat public account (search for Wechat Public account: OSL-EXPRESS ) or check the price on our website . Our official account has the query price. After paying attention, once you have a package arrives at our warehouse, you will be the first time After receiving the notification, you can also see the pictures of the goods, and grasp the package dynamics for the first time.
1.Sea price to the door
the transit time is around 20 to 30 days too, including tax, delivery to the doorstep in Jakarta, the price depend on the different goods, different sea price, min charge:0.5CBM.
Category 1 : Bags etc. 2000RMB/CBM
Category 2 : Phone cover etc. 2000RMB/CBM
Category 3: Screen protective film etc. 2100RMB/CBM
Category 4:Daily necessities etc. 2100RMB/CBM
Category 5: Ordinary sensitivity etc. 2100RMB/CBM
Category 6: not brand shoes etc. 2300RMB/CBM
Category 7: brand shoes etc. 2600RMB/CBM
Category 8:Charging treasures, 2650RMB/CBM
Category 9:Hand towels etc. 3100RMB/CBM
Category 10: Cosmetics etc. 2900RMB/CBM
Category 11: Drugs etc. 3300RMB/CBM
Category 12 Clothing (new) etc. 3400RMB/CBM
Category 13: Fabric etc. 3800RMB/CBM

Min charge 0.5CBM, fox example: goods are bags, sea freight is: 2000RMB/CBM, if just ship 0.3CBM of bags, charge :0.5CBM*2000RMB=1000RMB; Another example is a batch of mixed goods, there are three kind of goods( bags: 0.5CBM, fake Jewelry 0.2CBM, clothes: 0.7CBM) , the calculate method is: Bags: 0.5CBM*2000RMB/CBM=1000RMB, fake Jewelry: 0.5CBM*2100RMB/CBM=1050RMB, clothes: 0.7CBM*3400rmb/cbm=2380RMB, total amount is: 1000RMB+1050RMB+2380RMB=4430RMB
2.Air to the doorstep
for urgent items or small goods, also can choice by air to the doorstep. the following is our air price to Jakarta doorstep.
General goods:
the first 0.5KG: 180RMB
The second 0.5KG: 50RMB
More then 5kg: 100RMB/KG
More then 101kg: 95RMB/KG
Sensitive goods:
the first 0.5KG: 200RMB
The second 0.5KG: 55RMB
More then 5kg: 105RMB/KG
More then 101kg: 100RMB/KG
Free delivery area Jakarta, out of Jakarta ,please consult delivery fee
1.Quote by RMB
2.sensitive goods : brand name,goods with battery/magnetic product/liquid/food/ordinary chemical/FP product and so on
3.If the goods are lost 2 times the shipping cost, the maximum compensation RMB600/shippment air,door to door,as the airline regulation, the count volume way : L*W*H/6000 (by cm),need compare with the actual weight,as like, if the box size is:50*60*50cm/6000=25kg, the actual weight is: 20KG, will charge as 25KG, if same size, the actual weight is:30KG, will charge 30KG,
For details, please contact us, provide the name of the goods,can be quoted to you.

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