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Продам кондитерский подсолнечник Рейна-К (Конфета)

Добавлено: 08.09.2015, Украина
Продам кондитерский подсолнечник Рейна-К (Конфета)
Продам кондитерский подсолнечник Рейна-К (Конфета)
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  • Контактное лицо: Владимир
  • Страна: Украина
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Продам кондитерский подсолнечник Рейна-К (Конфета), имеем возможность откалибровать и зафасовать под пожелания покупателя, самовывозом с предприятия в Черкасской области, без посредников.
I will sell the pastry sunflower we have the opportunity to calibrate and pack under the wishes of customer, Cherkassy, Ukraine
Company the producer of agricultural produce searches partners in the countries of Asia and Europe.
We a company working at the internal market from 2004, a land-bank makes more than 5 thousands hectare. We have the opportunity to grow products under a concrete customer in necessary volumes and also to organize delivery (by a motor, marine transport) to the customer with registration of necessary documentation. If you were interested by Our suggestion or you have ideas about a collaboration - write, we will discuss :, моб. +380 97 9431393. We will be soviet to the collaboration