Batch import car listings from XML on Gvanga

Сервис автоматической загрузки объявлений о продаже легковых автомобилей в формате XML предоставляется на GVANGA.COM бесплатно для Автосалонов и Автомобильных дилеров.
Для подключения к сервису достаточно просто зарегистрироваться на GVANGA и отправить нам ссылку на Ваш XML файл.

Steps for connection to the service:

Step 1: Create an XML file (feed) - a structured, updated data file on your site. The supported format is specified below. 

Step 2: Registration on To upload the XML feed, you need to be a registered user of our site. Please note that the XML Feed Import service is only available for companies.

Step 3: Submit a URL of the XML feed. You can fill out the feedback form below or send a link to your XML feed from the “My Account” page under “XML Feeds”.

After you add your XML feed, it will be verified and checked by our moderators.
When approved, the data from your XML feed will be automatically uploaded and updated on our website once per day. In “My Account” page under “Ads from XML file” tab, you can manage the imported ads.


Feed Requirements 

Please note that all ads loaded from your XML file must comply with our Posting Policy. Avoid duplicating contact information and links to online resources in your ad text (<description>), and the availability of contact information and watermarks on images in your feed.
Relevance - feed should contain only relevant data on ads.
Editing previously imported ads should be implemented by updating previously existing data. 

Technical requirements for your feed

  • Feed URL must be permanent and accessible via HTTP.
  • Feed should be created in UTF-8.
  • HTML-code is not allowed.
  • The first 32 characters of the ASCII codes (except for the numbers 9, 10 and 13) should not be used in the text boxes.
  • In addition, some character should be replaced by codes as noted below:


Символ  Код
"             &quot;
&            &amp;
>             &gt;
<             &lt;
'              &apos;


XML Feed format​

Each XML document should begin with an XML declaration: 
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

XML file must contain the root element 'catalog' with the feed creation date:
<catalog generated="YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm+02:00">...</catalog>

Each ad is formed by the element 'offer', for which you need to define a unique ID in the file.


Required Fields

Element NameDescription
<id>a unique ID for a particular ad
<make>Car Make
<model>Car Model
<year>Car's model year (the date format: YYYY)

Fixed text string. Select a car body type from the list:

'Pickup Single Cab'
'Pickup Double Cab'
'Pickup Single and Half Cabin
'Compact van'


Choose a colour from the list:

'Light Blue'      
'Dark Blue'  
'Dark Green'

<doors>Number of doors (an integer > 0)
<steeringWheel>Steering wheel arrangement ('LHD', 'RHD')
<gearBox>Type of Car Transmission ('CVT', 'AT', 'MT')
<engineCapacity>Engine capacity (an integer and fractional part with one decimal digit, e.g., 1.6). You can define the unit of capacity by the attribute 'unit': 'l' or 'cm3'. The default is liters.
<horsePower>Horse power (an integer > 0, without spaces)
<driveTrain>Drive train ('Rear WD', 'Front WD', '4WD')
<engineType>Engine type ('Diesel', 'Gasoline', 'Hybrid')
<title>Ad title
<description>Ad description (Free text string)

Car's condition. Fixed text string. Choose the condition from the list:

'under warranty'
'for parts'

<price>Selling price (an integer > 0, without spaces)
<currency>Currency: an alphabetic currency code from the ISO 4217 code list

Parent element for the contact details of the agent:


Required field is marked below with an asterisk.

<company-name>Company name
<name>Contact name
<phone>Phone number
<email>*E-mail address
<type>Seller type ('Owner', 'Dealer', 'Company'). The default is 'Dealer'.

Parent element used to describe the car location:

    <region>New Jersey</region>
    <city>Jersey City</city>
    <address>New street, 1</address>

Required field is marked below with an asterisk.

<country>*The name of the country
<region>The name of the region, district, state
<city>*The name of the city
<address>Address where the car is located


Additional Fields​

It is recommended to include more elements in each offer for a better conversion and ranking in our search results.

Element NameDescription
<url>A single URL for each ad
<imageUrl>URL to a photo of the car (tag single element should be added for each image, up to 4 tags can be added for each car). 
<updateDate>Date last update of the ad (the date format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm+02:00)
<paymentMethod>Method of payment. Free text string.
<vin>A vehicle identification number (VIN)
<odometer>Odometer km/miles (an integer > 0, without spaces). You can define the unit of odometer by the attribute 'unit': 'km' or 'm'. The default is kilometers.
<generation>A particular generation of vehicle (II, E70, etc.)

Paint type. Fixed text string. Choose the type of paint from the list:


<customs>Customs clearance (a boolean value. If YES use one of the values: 'yes', '1', '+', 'true', if NO use one of the values: 'no', '0', '-', 'false')
<equipment>Комплектация автомобиля - для каждого параметра нужно создавать отдельный тег
<image>Фотография - для каждой фотографии нужно создавать отдельный тег с url адресом (может быть загружено до 4 изображений).
Набор элементов контактных данных дилера - Вы можете заполнить контактные данные для объявлений в личном кабинете пользователя GVANGA, чтобы они фигурировали во всех загружаемых объявлениях без дополнительного заполнения данных элементов в фиде. Если же контакты дилера отличаются от указанных ранее на нашем сайте, добавьте этот элемент в Ваш XML файл.
Улица (или улица и дом)
Имя представителя дилера
Название организации
Номер телефона
Электронный адрес

Пример корректного XML фида:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <creation-date>2016-02-21 22:22:22 GMT+4</creation-date>
        <offer internal-id="1">
            <date>2016-02-21 22:22:22 GMT+4</date>
            <update-date>2016-03-16 11:11:11 GMT+4</update-date>
                Автомобиль в хорошем состоянии, родная краска, есть небольшие сколы на бамперах.
            <equipment>Магнитола (CD)</equipment>
            <equipment>Электростеклоподъемники (все)</equipment>
                <name>Иван Иванович</name>
                <phone>(495) 000-00-00</phone>



We also accept files in other formats. You can send us your file and we will consider the possibility of the data import in your format.
If you have questions and suggestions regarding upload of XML ads on GVANGA.COM, please contact us via contact form below.


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